Weighting Systems

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Weighting Systems

The Industry's most respected line of crane scales for overhead material weighing and handling. With over three decades of unique design experience in overhead weighing systems, Industrial Power & Control offers the world's most comprehensive line of industrial crane scales for all types and capacity cranes. Included are high temperature and torque resistant designs for over ladel use and coil handling operations. For low and no headroom crane applications, we offer integrated in-block and sheave mounted weighing solutions. CellScale Network Solutions feature secure wireless communications providing real time interface with plant information systems, ideal for process control systems.

Heavy Duty, High Heat or Hazardous Applications

MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh, the crane scale that raised the industry's performance standards. When MSI introduced the original MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh in 1979, it quickly replaced mechanical crane scales in the Alaskan fishing industry. Exceptional ruggedness and accuracy made it the only legal-for-trade scale for this harsh marine environment. With periodic design updates, the Port-A-Weigh remains the workhorse of the heavy-duty crane scale market.

Delivering you an accuracy of 0.1% of the applied load, the Port-A-Weigh is NTEP approved for use in commercial trade. The Port-A-Weigh's rugged, NEMA IV enclosure provides you years of dependable operation in the harshest industrial and marine applications. With the Factory Mutual option the scale is approved for use in hazardous environments, and with an optional configuration it is ideally suited for high-heat applications. Standard capacities range from 500 pounds to 50 tons.

Some of the more noteable features you get with a Port-A-Weigh include: shock-mounted electronics, rugged cast aluminum alloy housing, 50 hours of continuous operation between battery charges, and digital filtering for superior readout stability.

Heavy Duty Multi Task Applications

MSI-4300 Porta-Weigh Plus, considered the ultimate crane scale. To create its flagship crane scale, MSI integrated the industry's most advanced electronics, two decades of marine and industrial application experience, and a set of features never before offered on a crane scale. The result is the MSI-4300 Porta-Weigh Plus. It is a Bronze Award winner of Plant Engineering magazine and is recognized as the world's premier crane scale.

Specified by such companies as ALCOA, General Electric, Union Carbide, and Boeing Airplane Co., MSI's model 4300 gained prominence because of its performance and acceptance on the job. It incorporates advanced electronics with enhanced digital filtering to yield accurate and stable readings on every job, every time.

No other crane scale offers you a standard feature set comparable to the Porta-Weigh Plus. Its unique features include: a Total Register for accumulating total weight and number of weighments, user-defined Set Points to indicate attainment of a target weight or overload, 10 presettable Tare Memories, and Peak Hold to capture and hold the highest applied load.
For operator convenience, MSI designed the Porta-Weigh Plus with a large liquid crystal display that features six-digit weight indication and light emitting diode (LED) backlighting. A secondary alphanumeric display, directly beneath the weight reading, annunciates the weigh mode and guides the user through calibration and setup.

The scale is powered by a rechargeable 12 volt sealed lead acid (SLA) battery that provides up to 300 hours of continuous use between charges.

Additional options include: infrared remote controller; audible alarm; RS232 data output and relay output to interface with computers, printers and process controllers, oversized top and bottom fittings, and alkaline battery power.

Heavy Duty Applications With Remote Telemetry Display

Trans-Weigh radio telemetry crane scale for overhead lifting and weighing. The MSI-6260 Trans-Weigh radio telemetry crane scale provides weighing solutions where other systems fail. It offers you the safety and efficiency of wireless, remote weight displays for virtually any overhead weighing/tension application. That makes it an ideal solution when conditions prohibit operator access or visibility to a scale below the hook. With a transmission distance up to 300 ft. (90 m), you can place the indicator in a safe and convenient location. It expands system versatility by enabling connections to printers, computers, data recorders and scoreboards. Unlike other systems, Trans-Weigh does not require an end user F.C.C. license.

Designed to excel in harsh industrial environments, Trans-Weigh's components meet NEMA IV standards for watertight integrity. The crane unit's rugged aluminum housing also resists corrosion, extreme heat and EMI environments. You can weigh loads with an accuracy of 0.1% of the applied load.

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