Workstation Cranes

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Workstation Cranes

Industrial Power & Control can supply workstation cranes designed to your specifications. We can supply bridge (stand alone or ceiling mounted), jib and gantry cranes. Both standard and custom solutions are available. Contact us with your project requirements.

<span style='font-size: 12px;'>Stand Alone & Ceiling Mounted Bridge Cranes</span>

Stand Alone & Ceiling Mounted Bridge Cranes

These manual cranes are ideal for fast paced work environments. They provide faster cycle times than motorized cranes, and are also safe and ergonomic to operate. An operator pushing a 1000 lb. load will experience a force of approximately 10 lb. to begin moving the load and 8 lb. to continue moving the load (100 to 1 ratio). Where required, we can design power drives.

Workstation bridge crane systems are pre-engineered, modular, infinitely expandable and reduce vertical space and support requirements. They feature and self-cleaning V-profile tracks which maintain alignment of end trucks and trolleys. Bridge cranes have large diameter low friction polyamide wheels for easy movement.

Our workstation bridge cranes are designed for "heavy" service as defined by the Monorail Manufacturer's Association (MMA).

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<span style='font-size: 12px;'>Jib Cranes</span>

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are an economical solution for moving materials within an individual workstation, for transferring materials from work area to work area, or for use as an auxiliary lifting device under an overhead crane. Jib cranes are available in a various configurations including free standing, wall mounted, and with articulating arms.

Standard jib cranes have a capacity up to 5 tons and spans up to 20 feet. Our Jib cranes feature a unique trussed boom design, which offers longer spans for custom jib crane designs. Free standing and mast type jib cranes offer 360º rotation. Wall mounted units offers 200º of rotation.

We specialize in oversized freestanding jib cranes and heavy duty motorized wall traveling jib cranes for steel mill service. A custom designed jib crane is available in capacities up to 20 tons and spans of up to 60 feet (depending on capacity). A motorized jib crane can be custom designed to meet your application.

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