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Insul-8 Slip Rings and Cable Reels

Industrial Power & Control provides an extensive range of Insul-8 Cable Reels. We stock and supply your choice of lift cable reels and retrieve cable reels.

Looking for high quality, compact and heavy duty cable management for your hoist or winch? Search no further and browse our selection for the best reel for your industrial application.

We stock a full range of cable reels including Lift and Drag cable reels. Drag cable reels are often used in applications where the reel is stationary and the cable is dragged along a horizontal surface, while lift cable reels are often used in environments where the cable extends and retracts vertically below the cable reel.

Have a moving carrier? Our retrieve cable reels can be mounted on top off the moving carrier and pick up cables from horizontal surfaces. Our Insul-8 retrieve cable reels require less spring tension than standard reels.

Are you looking for a cable reel to support your horizontally suspended cable? Insul-8's stretch cable reels are the perfect solution for your application.

Not exactly what you were looking for? We stock pivot bases for your reels and both flat cable and round pendant cable