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Cable and Hose Carriers

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Industrial Power & Control stocks world-class KabelSchlepp cable and hose carriers in a wide range of sizes and types to suit a variety of environments. Customers specifically request these products for their strength, durability, longer life, compact design and modular construction.

Specific cable and hose carrier systems are described below. Please contact Industrial Power & Control for help with your specific application.


Open Carrier Systems

Open carrier systems are available in a wide variety of configurations using both plastic and steel frames.

Plastic cable and hose carriers offer a perfect balance of price and performance. Constructed of high-strength glass fiber reinforced nylon, these systems are well suited to harsh environments and high-speed applications. Snap-together assembly is simple and installation of carrier track without removing cables from the machine is possible with optional hinged opening design.

Steel carrier systems are ideal for heavy mechanical loads, long self-supporting spans, large cables and/or hoses, high ambient operating temperatures, and extreme environmental applications.


Tube Carrier Systems

Tube carriers provide optimum support to cables and hoses while ensuring the longest possible working life. They provide excellent protection from metal chips, dirt, dust, and other damaging debris.

High strength, fiber reinforced nylon carriers offer quiet operation at an economical price.

Stainless steel tube carriers provide the ultimate in protection for the most harsh, demanding environments.


Special Purpose

A new twist in dynamic cable and hose management!

The Robotrax cable and hose carrier solution allows controlled 3D movement of cables and hoses in applications such as rotating robotic arm applications or anywhere multi-axis control and protection of cables and hoses is required.