Machine and Chip Protection

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Way Wipers

Way wipers ensure that your close-tolerance machine tool slideway gets all the protection it needs from hot chips, abrasives and cooling agents. The replaceable tough polyurethane wiper blade is specially designed to seal against wear-causing agents. It is long lasting and will withstand heat up to 200° F. A frame overhang is incorporated in some models for situations where the blade would be exposed to hot chips. The frame is constructed of solid aluminum which is lightweight and non-corrosive.

KABELSCHLEPP way wipers protect slide and guideways from impurities and ensure trouble-free operation.


- Customised solutions
- Easy to install
- Highly wear-resistant polyurethane lip
- Heat resistant up to +100°C
- Flexible at low temperatures down to -40°C
- Resistant to oils, grease, alkalis, water

Type BA

BA way wipers are typically used in areas where space is restricted or where wipers are protected by telescopic covers, bellows or link apron covers and in areas where no chips are produced.

Type BAS

BAS wipers have a light metal frame with a built-in protection for the wiper lip. BAS is used where cold chips are produced.

To protect the wiper lip from hot chips and to clean the guideway of coarse and solid dirt particles, the wipers must be fitted with an additional protective lip made of stainless spring steel or brass. The protective strip and light metal clamping piece are fitted to the machine using wiper fixing screws. For straight way wipers with suitable hole pattern (hole spacing = 80 mm) no clamping piece is required.

Protection For Telescopic Covers

Telescopic covers protect the slide ways and guide ways from dust, chips, coolants and grinding emulsions. They help to prevent the accumulation of chips on the machine bed and allow easy access across machine slides to tool and work piece areas.

Type MA8 and MA12 way wipers offer protection for telescopic covers. The wipers are made of sheet steel and a vulcanized abrasion resistant wiper lip. MA8 and MA12 are resistant to mineral oils and coolants.


Apron Way Covers

Apron way cover systems help maximize your machine tool investment. The strong aluminum extrusion provides positive protection of machine ways from hot chips, abrasives, and other wear-causing agents. The aluminum elements are interlocked with tough, long lasting polyurethane hinge elements. These aprons can be used instead of telescopic way covers, requires a minimum amount of space, and is a low-cost solution to potential high-cost repair or replacement.



Conical Spring Covers

Conical spring covers provide an effective and inexpensive method of protecting sensitive areas on and around machinery. The completely enclosed design offers protection for lead screws, ball screws, hydraulic rods, die post, and personnel.


- Completely enclosed design.
- Dynamic telescope action results in automatic expansion and contraction.
- No mounting clamps required.
- Mounting "seats" available.
- Available in Stainless or Carbon Steel.
- Good aesthetic appearance