Slip Rings and Cable Reels

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Slip Rings

A slip ring is used to transfer power or control signals from a stationary unit to a rotating unit. This is accomplished by holding the center core stationary while the brushes and housing rotate around it or holding the brushes and housing stationary while the center core is allowed to rotate.

Slip rings were first designed for the hostile conditions encountered by construction equipment. Those same performance and reliability standards are built into every Slip Ring we supply.

Our Slip Rings offer design versatility as component kit rings or as ready-to-mount assemblies with optional pre-wired harnesses. A wide selection of circuitry is available, with many amperage and voltage (AC or DC) combinations.

Industrial Power & Control can supply a slip ring for your specific application - contact us today for application help.


Cable Reels

Our Heavy Duty Cable Reels are found in a wide variety of industries. Circuitry combinations are available to meet specific requirements for power and control for up to 600 VAC. They can be mounted in several different ways to meet your specific need.

Cable reels are available in standard sizes to meet most job demands, however custom cable reels can also be supplied for one-of-a kind applications.

Our cable reels are of the highest quality and will provide many years of trouble free service. They feature permanent lubrication, heavy gauge materials, nylon guide rollers and a red powder coat finish.