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100PH: Snap-In Hanger with Rain Cover

100PH: Snap-In Hanger with Rain Cover

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SAF-T-BAR Electrification

100PH: Snap-In Hanger with Rain Cover

Lexan snap-in hangers for use only on Series C PVC cover rated to 160°F, with holding rib. For high temperature applications, use Cross Bolt Hanger Clamps. All push-on snap hangers require a firm press to seat the conductor into the hanger. To remove the conductor, it is recommended that it be slid out to avoid damage to the hanger.

This hanger clamp can be used as a substitute for the 100H, 100HN, 100K, or 100KN. This model includes a built in 'rain hat', preparing it for all extreme outdoor environments. 

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