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PF02060455: 6 Button SPA (4 x 1 Speed) + Mushroom Stop + Blank

PF02060455: 6 Button SPA (4 x 1 Speed) + Mushroom Stop + Blank

[Code: IPC0800303]

Pendant Control Stations

This SPA pendant operates as an auxiliary controller of electrical motors through various power interfaces such as PLC’s or conductors.

This durable pendant device consists of 6 buttons:

  • 1 start/reset button with 1 normally open (NO) configuration
  • 4-single speed buttons that have a normally open (NO) configuration and a mechanical interlock between opposing functions


The SPA’s dual column design allows for the shorter pendant to fit more actuators. 

The high-quality materials support its wear resistant features which add to this pendants durability since it can withstand dusty and wet conditions.

Technical Specifications:

Operational Temperature: -25°C/+70°C

Rated operational current: 1.9 A

Mechanical life: 1,000,000 operations

Certifications: CE - UL - (c)UL

Weight: 1.93lbs

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